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Two must read books: Deep thoughts from within & Fruits of a Harvest

Two books by the internationally renowned and celebrated author Patrick Richard Okine are scheduled to be launched at the Alisa Hotel in Accra come Friday, 30th January, 2015. The two books; DEEP THOUGHTS FROM WITHIN and ‘FRUITS OF A HARVEST’ are a collection of one hundred wise quotes and a collection of Poems and Epistles respectively.

‘Fruits of a Harvest’, has being described by Nanabanyin Dadson, the Editor of the Graphic Showbiz as; One of those few collections that can be relied on to defuse the often repeated Cliché that poetry is boring. Through a careful distillation of today-words that are delivered through today-voices, the writer achieves the remarkable effect of engaging readers who may never have expected to read poems eagerly.

According to Nanabanyin Dadson, when it comes to style, the approach is fluid and easy going. Don’t jump the queue Mister: we all wish to be home early (One Logologo line); Thought it was just the two of us; You call me sweetheart; yet you call her darling (One + One = Three); You being You have enabled Me to be Me; and I pray that Me being Me will also enable You to be You (You and Me) and many more demonstrate the poet’s effective style that carries the messages leisurely to the reader”.

In a forward to Fruits of a Harvest, Mr. Akunu Dake, the CEO of Heritage Development, writes; From “Akwaaba” to the final epistle of the letters, “The letter he wrote- 5”, Patrick Okine traverses an undulating poetic journey over time and space. Fruits of a Harvest draws you out into a world that at one time is so promising, portends great hope and fulfillment and yet is laced with so much pain and emptiness. This ambivalence, the undulating layers of Patrick’s life and world is the challenging metaphor of this collection of poems.

He engages us thematically. His patriotic grounding is given expression in what can be classified as his more direct political poems. From his very direct indictment of the deceit of politicians in “Same Old Tune”, the paranoia of the threat of terrorism in “Good Grief”, the herald of our war veterans in “Ode to our warriors”, and the salute of the heroes of Ghana’s independence struggles in “Emancipation, My freedom” and indeed “Osagyefo Kwame”, Patrick reveals his inclinations and ethos.

His social engagement with the underprivileged and their world is evident. The well-crafted “Steve Oh Steve”, “Sea Never Dry” and “Tema Station” underscore this essential class solidarity. The rights of women and the younger generation and the pain of their labouring and exploited existence are a defining theme in Fruits of Harvest. “The long walk”,” Legelege, “Akuaba”, “The Chill of Dawn”, “Toy Soldier” and a host more reflect Patrick’s commitment to a progressive social agenda. This is echoed more and more as he forays into issues of environmental discipline in “Good Heaps from Bad Heaps” and the madness of a driving craze that can only lead to pain and death in “One Logologo Line”

His reminisces, nostalgic and love poems, as expected, speak to the heart! He literally tears your heart inside out! Yes, he speaks to himself and you. It’s so revealing and the sheer volume of this passionate rendering is a loud yet absorbing recitation! No doubt, the climax of this masterpiece is right at the end. The 4 letters He and She exchange says it all. He concludes this poetic diatribe with the 5th Letter with such emphasis- such finality, Now “… a free spirit”! Patrick does not disappoint. More importantly he lives and will live!two-books-by-Patrick-Okine

Date Updated : 2015-01-30

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