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National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee acts at the Management Board of the Ghana Culture Forum. It comprises of a 7-member elected body (called the Functional Executive Committee) and other appointees (Task Team Leaders, Domain Coordinators, Chapter Coordinators and Secretariat). All members of the NSC have a tenure of four (4) years. See organogram below.


The Ghana Culture Forum (GCF) is a membership-based civil society consultative forum. It is a network of cultural practitioners, activists, and organisations united around a common vision of affirming the cultural foundations of development and enhancing the cultural sector. 


The GCF envisions itself as a platform that ensures a sense of collective ownership and the development of a critical mass of cultural practitioners committed to the affirmation of the Ghanaian and African cultural heritage and the development of national culture.
The work of the Ghana Culture Forum revolves around the following key objectives.

Policy & Advocacy

We consider policy and advocacy as essential drivers of developments within the creative economy. Considering this, policy and advocacy actions are at heart of the work of the Ghana Culture Forum.  We have been heavily involved in policy and advocacy work with regards to key legislations within the cultural sector.


The place of research cannot be downplayed in the development equation of any industry. GCF seeks not only to lead in research but also inspire research within the cultural space. One of such is mapping of the cultural sector to ascertain our contribution to the national economy.

Capacity Building

Enhancing the capacity of practitioners within the cultural space is of a major concern to GCF. Whilst the success of the cultural sector depends on the enabling environment provided for by government, there should be equal attention given to the human resource development exponent. The targets should include developing the creative skills as well as knowledge sharing in art business and law.


GCF was once an avenue for the disbursement of funding support from the then Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and the Government of Ghana for the programmes and projects of creatives and cultural practitioners.  GCF developed a Fund Disbursement Mechanism, the Ghana Culture Funding Scheme (GCFS) that administered funds.

Ghana Culture Funding Scheme

The Ghana Culture Funding Scheme (GCFS) is a fund-generation and disbursement scheme administered by the Ghana Culture Forum (GCF). It seeks to promote the active development of the Culture and Heritage of Ghana. Its scope is restricted to facilitating financial support for the activities of the membership of the GCF.

Fund Application Guidelines

The Ghana Culture Funding Scheme (GCFS) is committed solely to the development and promotion of the best of Ghanaian creativity and heritage under the aegis of the Ghana Culture Forum. Funds disbursed may be used only in furtherance of cultural projects and activities that go to promote the aims and objectives of a particular artistic domain or cultural institution/community.



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Ghana's rich tapestry of music, dance, and storytelling is under threat. Timeworn traditions fade, silenced by the echoes of progress. But at the Ghana Culture Forum (GCF), we're weaving a brighter future, thread by thread.
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