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The Ghana Culture Forum (GCF) is a membership-based civil society consultative forum. It is a network of cultural practitioners, activists, and organisations united around a common vision of affirming the cultural foundations of development and enhancing the cultural sector. 

The GCF envisions itself as a platform that ensures collective ownership and the development of a critical mass of cultural practitioners who are committed to affirming the Ghanaian and African cultural heritage and the development of national culture.

The work of the Ghana Culture Forum revolves around the following key objectives.

  1. To contribute towards the building and development of a progressive national culture;
  2. To develop as an effective advocacy body on cultural issues; 
  3. Initiate programmes to promote culture as an essential resource for national development and also celebrate our cultural diversity;
  4. To influence and affect policy and action on culture and development;
  5. To provide a platform for the deepening of knowledge about Ghanaian heritage and culture and its promotion in the national and international contexts.
  6. To promote research and documentation in the area of culture and preservation of culture;
  7. To encourage the advancement and dissemination of indigenous knowledge and technology;
  8. To promote the strengthening and development of cultural industries in Ghana;
  9. To build the capacity and empower the constituent bodies and stakeholders in the arts and culture sector;
  10. To develop media and communication strategy to promote the development of the culture sector;
  11. To raise resources to support the development of arts and culture;
  12. To create visibility for culture and cultural activities and become a credible reference point on cultural issues;



Mar, 2024

Ghana Culture Week Symposium


Mar, 2024

Adinkra Symbols and Copyright: Why should Ghanaians pay to use their Folklore?


Mar, 2024

Kente: Tradition, Modernity and Identity


Mar, 2024

The Ghana Culture week,

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Ghana's rich tapestry of music, dance, and storytelling is under threat. Timeworn traditions fade, silenced by the echoes of progress. But at the Ghana Culture Forum (GCF), we're weaving a brighter future, thread by thread.
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