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Functional Executive Committee

Otuo Owoahene Acheampong

NANA OTUO OWOAHENE ACHEAMPONG (Privately known as Franklyn King Glover), is an all-round cultural administrator.


Ahuma Bosco Ocansey

Daddy Bosco, as he is affectionately called, has been involved in building, training and managing teams in the media and building brands and growing businesses.

Vice Chairperson

Edwina Assan

Edwina Assan, has been involved with the work of GCF since its inception. First as a representative for Spinnet Textile and Garment Cluster and later as individual member.

General Secretary

Makeba Boateng Utip, APR

Makeba Nana Pokua Boateng, APR, is a passionate Archivist and Independent Researcher–Curator with a profound interest in African Fashion, Indigenous Textiles, and Design.


Samuel Dodoo

Samuel Dodoo is the President of Spinnet Textiles and Garment Cluster, an association of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the textiles, garment, apparel and fashion sector.

Executive Member

Ken Fiati

Kenneth Senyo Fiati is a renowned Ghanaian actor, teacher, and preacher.

Executive Member

Samuel Gyandoh

Samuel Gyandoh is the Founder/President of the Film Crew Association of Ghana, and a board member National Film Authority.

Executive Member



Mar, 2024

Ghana Culture Week Symposium


Mar, 2024

Adinkra Symbols and Copyright: Why should Ghanaians pay to use their Folklore?


Mar, 2024

Kente: Tradition, Modernity and Identity


Mar, 2024

The Ghana Culture week,

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