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Edwina Assan

Position in GCF

General Secretary

Edwina Assan, has been involved with the work of GCF since its inception. First as a representative for Spinnet Textile and Garment Cluster and later as individual member.
She is the present Research Task Team Leader and a member of Policy and Advocacy Task Team of the Forum. She has been part of the past three GCF anniversary planning committee.
She is an entrepreneur involved in the textile industry and has been part of a number of associations as either an executive member or a leader. These groups include Empretec Business Womens’ Forum, Spinnet textile and Garment Cluster, National Association of Handicraft Exporters and lately Association of Ghana Industries -TGL sector.
She intends to bring her experience to bear in GCF when voted as the General Secretary to continue the good works done by her predecessor.
As General Secretary, she will ensure that information on all activities – meetings, and opportunities reaches members regularly. She will also help develop internal and external strong relations with members and stakeholders.



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